MHI CAPITAL (“MHI”), is a multi-faceted, privately-held, family investment company with a core focus that includes fixed income investments, commercial real estate assets, and non-public corporate investment opportunities. We are a growth-oriented equity investor that invest in assets which have good growth potential, competent management, and proven industry-specific solutions. We are committed to working with like-minded companies with shared investment objectives through collaborative investment structures that focus on long term growth potential.


MHI CAPITAL works with a multitude of financial service providers such as banks, hedge funds, insurance companies and pension funds that use structured finance to engineer bespoke funding solutions geared to maximize liquidity in order to benefit a specific agenda or strategy. Fixed income financial instruments such as Medium-Term Notes (MTN’s), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC’s), and Bank Guarantees (BG’s) are often utilized to increase or enhance the financial profile.


Project funding often requires some degree of leverage or equity financing. All-too-often traditional loans offered by banks and credit unions fail to provide the financing flexibility needed by many companies. Moreover, traditional funding sources also require more onerous loan qualification thresholds and personal guarantee provisions not found in other financing options. While helpful for many, most traditional sources often fail to provide the comprehensive solutions that the larger projects require.


MHI CAPITAL focuses on heavy civil infrastructure projects that are designed to provide maximum value and benefit to all vested interests. We build projects in a collaborative team environment, using innovative techniques to improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase revenue capacities by deploying innovative technologies geared to increase efficiencies and margins.