MHI CAPTITAL’S resource network consists of “traditional” investors such as private equity funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, and alternative lenders as well as “non-traditional” capital partners such as large family offices, global pension funds and endowments, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, and strategic investors.

Project funding often requires some degree of leverage or equity financing. All-too-often traditional loans offered by banks and credit unions fail to provide the financing flexibility needed by many companies. Moreover, traditional funding sources also require more onerous loan qualification thresholds and personal guarantee provisions not found in other financing options. While helpful for many, most traditional sources often fail to provide the comprehensive solutions that the larger projects require.

A myriad of options exist for private and public equity investment, particularly for growing and profitable companies. Private equity groups, family offices and other sophisticated institutional investors can provide majority or minority capital interest for the right target business.

Solutions for senior, subordinated, mezzanine and other forms of asset-based lending for corporate debt financing needs. In typical fashion, most deals include some mix of both debt and equity.

Mezzanine, Venture Capital, Uni-Tranche and other subordinated debt structures are used often in financing corporate growth, recaps and acquisitions. Alternative, non-dilutive debt is particularly helpful in balance sheet-light business models. Securing the right mix of non-bank, secondary and tertiary debt solutions is key to success.


MHI CAPITAL is able to leverage its decades of experience in our core focus industries as well as our strong relationships with active private equity, venture capital, strategic investors, family offices, and debt providers. This makes us exceptionally qualified at structuring complex capital raises or more traditional funding such as securing financing for corporate growth, expansion, working capital, acquisitions, debt restructuring, and new business ventures.


Our Structured Finance Group provides focused services and support to asset-based lenders, factors, purchase order finance companies, equipment lessors, trade finance providers, bridge lenders, consumer finance companies, non-bank real estate lenders, financial technology companies and all other specialty finance firms. Commercial and consumer finance companies rely on us to help increase lending power, complete acquisitions, or to capitalize growth opportunities.

Our resource network is comprised of industry leading, thoughtful, well informed professionals ready to lend advice on all aspects of capital allocation, raising and structuring, and capital market activity.

MHI CAPITAL maintains active relationships with numerous institutional investors, including major investment funds, family funds, private equity groups, VCs, Angels, regional commercial banks, non-bank lenders, and hedge funds. We assist our clients by determining the best source of financing to meet the company’s operating needs and then recommending a strategy to meet there funding requirements


MHI CAPITAL does NOT provide financial services to client-based relationships, nor do we seek to profit from distressed assets at the expense of others. MHI subscribes to a mutually benefitting “value add” business model. We choose to work with synergetic groups through collaborative venture partnerships that share a common objective(s). Collaborative investing provides value in its ability to extend and grow resource networks with the sharing of top tier industry relevant relationships between collaborative partners. Including resources such as: institutional investors, major investment funds, family funds, private equity groups, VCs, Angels, regional commercial banks, non-bank lenders, and hedge funds..